Hall of Kits 2006-07 (Home)

First Worn:
Saturday July 22nd, 2006 vs. Dundee (Friendly)


Anglian Home Improvements

In 2006, United switched kit manufacturers again. Danish sportswear firm Hummel were making an impact on the British football scene and United were one of many sides that year to wear the iconic chevron styled sleeves. United signed a three year deal with the kit manufacturer.

Hummel shirts first came to prominence in the 1986 World Cup, with a unique and striking Danish kit. For their first United outfit, they created a design that differed from many of their other shirt templates of that time. The top had Hummel's usual sleeve design, with black chevrons from neck to cuffs. However, a daring introduction of grey into the shirt was a first for United. The grey underarm and side panel gave the top a unique look. The Hummel logo was centred and located just below the v-shaped neck.

This shirt also carried Anglian Home Improvements as a sponsor for the first time. In continuing with the recent trend, the sponsor was printed in white.

United had a mixed season wearing the kit, with Brewster in charge at the start of the season before Levein replaced him in October 2006. They looked at threat of relegation at one point but recovered to finish 9th. Barry Robson was the outstanding player to wear the shirt that year

Mark Kerr and Barry Robson modelled the kit at the launch event, with Barry commenting, "Having just worn the new kit for the first time today, I'm really impressed with the quality. The tops and the shorts are fantastic and have a really good feel to them. The design is maybe a little away from the traditional but the lads all seem to like it and it looks quite fashionable."