Hall of Kits 1992-93 (Away)

First Worn:
Tuesday February 2nd, 1993 vs. Motherwell (League)



Forced to look elsewhere for a kit supplier after the collapse of Bukta just weeks into the second year of their two-year deal, United eventually turned to another British manufacturer, Wolverhampton based Loki.

Taking over in October 1992, the entire away kit was kept as close as possible to the Bukta design for continuation purposes and the Club’s crest was again embossed throughout the white material of the top, with thin black trim.

There were a few subtle changes though, with the collar area the most obvious difference. The polo collar from the Bukta shirt, with the placket and button design, and a tangerine inset was modified. Instead, there was no tangerine material inset and the pop buttons were replaced with two standard stitched buttons with accompanying button holes. On the Bukta shirt there were also two white pop buttons on the end of collar flaps. They were missing on the Loki version.

Obviously, the Loki manufacturers logo replaced Bukta but was stitched in black thread like the predecessor. Another difference was the position of the badge, logo and sponsor in relation to the shirt template. The Loki top had all three positioned significantly higher on the shirt and closer to the collar than the Bukta shirt. The font design of the numbering on the back of the shirt was also dissimilar. The Bukta kit had a unique outlined font with the Bukta logo inset, that was ironed on. The Loki kit went back to a very basic felt numbering, that was stitched on.

The Loki away top was never made available as a replica for fans to purchase and hence it is a rarity to see one pop up on auction sites. It likely made its playing debut in the match at Motherwell on Tuesday, February 2nd, 1993. The shirt was also worn in the famous match with Partick Thistle at Firhill where Paddy Connolly was denied a hat-trick after he shot the ball into the goal and against the back stanchion. To everyone's astonishment the referee waved play on and to add insult to injury, Clark had picked the ball up as it emerged from the net and handed it back to his keeper!