Dundee Utd 2
Roma 0
European Cup (Semi Final 1st Leg)

Dundee Utd
2 - 0

European Cup (Semi Final 1st Leg)
Wednesday, April 11th, 1984
Tannadice Park. Att. 20,543
7:30 PM Kick-off

Davie Dodds (48)
Derek Stark (60)

Team Managers
Jim McLean
Nils Liedholm

Starting Eleven
1. Hamish McAlpine
2. Derek Stark
3. Maurice Malpas
4. Richard Gough
5. Paul Hegarty
6. Dave Narey
7. Eamonn Bannon
8. Ralph Milne
9. Billy Kirkwood
10. Paul Sturrock
11. Davie Dodds
Franco Tancredi
Emidio Oddi
Ubaldo Righetti
Sebastiano Nela
Agostino Di Bartolemi
Aldo Maldera
Bruno Conti
Antonio Carlos Cezero
Roberto Pruzzo
Odoacre Cherico
Francesco Graziani

John Gardiner
John Holt
John Reilly
Alex Taylor
14. Tommy Coyne
Astutillo Malgigglio
Michele Nappi
Mark Tullo Strunkelj
Giuseppe Giannini
Francesco Vincenzi

Tommy Coyne for Paul Sturrock (82)

None. Odoacre Chierico (66)

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

Siegfried Kirschen (West Germany) (Referee)
Widukind Herrmann (West Germany) & Wolfgang Henning (West Germany) (Assistants)

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Match Report

A night to remember as the Italiai aristocrats are humbled. Sturrock touches the ball back to Davie Dodds who shoots low into goal from eight yards.

From a second Sturrock lay-off, Derek Stark unleashes a swerving 30-yarder which totally deceives Tancredi and set up European final dreams.

Squad Statistics (as at April 11th, 1984)

1983-84 All Time
Hamish McAlpine (GK)36 45 - 6243
Dave Narey27 44 - 49534
Derek Stark25 37624211
Maurice Malpas21 4421204
Paul Hegarty29 46545063
Richard Gough22 44714518
Billy Kirkwood25 421031264
Eamonn Bannon25 421123163
Ralph Milne22 441220260
Davie Dodds25 4623276118
Paul Sturrock27 192393120
Tommy Coyne (sub)21 132132

League Table (as at April 11th, 1984)

No league table has been added for this season.

Manager's Programme Notes

Obviously tonight Is something we have all dreamed about, but few can ever participate in the semi-final of the European Cup. Make no mistake about it, the players realise that only two games separate them from a European Cup final. Without any doubt we will approach this game with determination and confidence to achieve our goal — the Final. Reputations, big name players can be stopped, and I would hope that Roma treat us with a degree of complacency, so enhancing our chances of leaching the Final. All the excitement of the last couple of weeks as we have looked forward to this game, has been great for everyone connected with the club, but now the moment that matters has arrived. At the time of writing, I just hope that we have a full strength complement of players because I believe if our top players at their peak will be a necessity tonight. As in the past, I would again ask for your patience and I hope that all of you go home after 90 minutes of full vocal backing and that the players equal the performance they attained in the Standard Liege game. A.S. Roma are most certainly very formidable opposition and without doubt have top class players in almost every department. But that doesn't mean they are invincible and hopefully, we will get the break of the ball that is so vital in every game. That Is even more crucial in the latter stages of a tournament when the gap between competing sides is so small. The odd break of the ball can decide the final outcome but you must work hard to make the ball run your way, especially with the high stakes on offer tonight.