Dundee Utd 0
Diósgyőri 1
UEFA Cup (2nd Round 1st Leg)

Dundee Utd
0 - 1

UEFA Cup (2nd Round 1st Leg)
Wednesday, October 24th, 1979
Tannadice Park. Att. 10,450
7:30 PM Kick-off

None. Laszlo Fekete (90)

Team Managers
Jim McLean
Géza Szabó

Starting Eleven
1. Hamish McAlpine
2. Derek Stark
3. Frank Kopel
4. Iain Phillip
5. Paul Hegarty
6. Dave Narey
7. Derek Addison
8. Paul Sturrock
9. Willie Pettigrew
10. George Fleming
11. Graeme Payne
György Vereb .1
Gabor Szanto .2
Jozsef Salamon .3
Laszlo Kutasi .4
Ferenc Olah .5
Otto Varadi .6
Mihaly Borostyan .7
Janos Kerekes .8
Janos Görgei .9
György Tatar .10
Laszlo Fekete .11

12. Billy Kirkwood
14. Ralph Milne
15. Davie Dodds
16. Walter Smith
17. Peter Bonetti
Szabo Laszlo .12
Borisz Teodoru .14
Istvan Szalai .15
Sandor Furo .16

Davie Dodds for Derek Addison (48)
Ralph Milne for Paul Sturrock (77)
Istvan Szalai for Mihaly Borostyan (80)
Borisz Teodoru for Janos Kerekes (86)

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

Anders Mattssson (Finland) (Referee)

Match Report

Further bitter disappointment came United's way in the UEFA Cup first leg tie against Hungarian's Diosgyori Miskolc here at Tannadice. Seldom has a Tannadice crowd watched United so dominate a European tie — yet come out of it with abssolutely nothing to show for their efforts. And the real crunch came in injury time when, after being subjected to unbelievable pressure all through the 90 minutes, the visitors sneaked away upfield to grab their lead with a shock goal from danger man Kekete. An incredible result for United to have to take after what had gone before, but yet another indication of their recent turn of fortunes.

Squad Statistics (as at October 24th, 1979)

1979-80 All Time
Hamish McAlpine (GK)31 10 - 3773
Frank Kopel30 18331112
Dave Narey23 18 - 25119
Iain Phillip28 15 - 26 -
Paul Hegarty25 10 - 20837
Derek Stark20 171502
George Fleming31 16 - 31635
Derek Addison24 15110412
Willie Pettigrew26 177177
Graeme Payne23 19221513
Paul Sturrock23 19618849
Ralph Milne (sub)18 103103
Davie Dodds (sub)21 1125716

League Table (as at October 24th, 1979)

Pld W D L +/- Pts
1. Celtic 10 6 3 1 +13 15
2. Morton 10 6 2 2 +9 14
3. Aberdeen 10 5 2 3 +10 12
4. Partick Th 10 4 4 2 +2 12
5. Rangers 10 4 3 3 +4 11
6. Kilmarnock 10 4 3 3 -4 11
7. DUNDEE UTD 10 3 2 5 -2 8
8. St Mirren 10 2 3 5 -8 7
9. Dundee 10 3 1 6 -12 7
10. Hibernian 10 1 1 8 -12 3

League results since United's last match

Manager's Programme Notes

Tonight sees a return of European fare here at Tannadice when we welcome Hungarian visitors Diosgyoeri Miskolc to Tayside for the first leg second round tie. What little we have learned about our opponents has nevertheless all been complimentary and therefore I have no hesitation at this stage in stating that a two-goal lead from tonight's game is the least advantage we must travel with into the return to gain further advancement in this season's competition. Apparently they are a young and ambitious outfit who are unlikely to fall into the normal category of defensively-minded European visitors. Certainly those of you with Tannadice leanings deserve a boost following the disappointment of that reverse across the road at Dens Park last Saturday. If it is any consolation to you we, connected here at Tannadice, felt every bit as bad. Nevertheless excuses are insufficient at this time and in the long run the blame for our failure to capitalise on all our possession must be laid fairly and squarely on those members of 'the current side who, ifor seasons now, have failed miserably where it matters — in tihe art of putting .the ball in the net. Therefore, my move for Dom Sullivan was made plain and simply because I had reached the end of my tether concerning the culprits whose attempts at finishing over recent seasons has been pathetic to say the least.

These players must themselves be totally fed up of me also as the same subject has been repeated time and again with monotonous regularity. However, as has occurred so often in the past, we have too many of ithe type who forget about the sole purpose of the game — winning. Things have lingered on long enough and last Saturday's let-down was the perfect example of how we can often look so good — and yet achieve so little. Sadly, the Dens Park affair was almost an exact replica of my other disappointment of last week, when connected with the Scotland side against Austria at Hampden. Chance-making at all levels of the game is hard enough to achieve without adding charity to opponents by wasting the opportunities at the final hurdle, and therefore at our Premier grade of football a target of one goal from two chances contrived must be the aim.