Keflavík 0
Dundee Utd 2
UEFA Cup (1st Round 1st Leg)


0 - 2

Dundee Utd

UEFA Cup (1st Round 1st Leg)
Tuesday, September 23rd, 1975
Keflavíkurvöllur. Att. 3,540
7:30 PM Kick-off

None. Dave Narey (4)
Dave Narey (43)

Team Managers
Guðni Kjartansson & Jón Jóhannsson Jim McLean

Starting Eleven
1. Thorsteinn Olafsson
2. Jon Olafur Jonsson
3. Hjörtur Zakariasson
4. Einar Gunnarsson
5. Gisli Torfason
6. Astradur Gunnarsson
7. Hilmar Hjalmarsson
8. Gretar Magnusson
9. Steinar Johannsson
10. Olafur Juliusson
11. Gunnar Jonsson
Hamish McAlpine .1
Andy Rolland .2
Frank Kopel .3
Jackie Copland .4
Doug Houston .5
Dave Narey .6
Alex Rennie .7
Graeme Payne .8
Paul Hegarty .9
George Fleming .10
Andy Gray .11

12. Bjarnason
14. Fridrik Ragnarsson
15. Gunnlaugsson
16. Gudjunsson
David Cooper .12
Paul Sturrock .14
Henry Hall .15
Tommy Traynor .16
Doug Smith .17

Fridrik Ragnarsson for Jon Olafur Jonsson (59)
Gudjunsson for Gunnar Jonsson (86)
Doug Smith for Jackie Copland (68)

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.

Match Officials

Eric Smyton (Northern Ireland) (Referee)

Match Report

Both legs against Keflavik took place on Tuesdays with the First Leg on the 23rd September 1975. The venue was IBK's Keklavikurvollur Stadium which is situated not far from the international airport where we landed on our recent trip to Iceland.

The match was played in a freezing wind and again there was an early goal in the match, but on this occasion it was United who scored first. Dave Narey had been a doubtful starter for the tie, and he took a pass from Andy Gray and smashed the ball into the net at the near post from 10 yards after only four minutes.

Two minutes from half-time Narey again hit the gold standard. A long throw by Frank Kopel was headed on by Paul Hegarty and the ball fell to Dave Narey who volleyed home from 12 yards. The Keflavik 'keeper got his hands to the ball, but failed to keep it out.

Those two Dave Narey goals were all that separated the two sides at the end of ninety minutes, but this was a comfortable United win in
front of 4,000 frozen fans.

Squad Statistics (as at September 23rd, 1975)

1975-76 All Time
Hamish McAlpine (GK)27 11 - 194 -
Paul Hegarty21 71265
Dave Narey19 1036811
Jackie Copland28 9118121
Alex Rennie26 7 - 7 -
Frank Kopel26 10 - 1567
Andy Rolland32 10 - 33433
Doug Houston32 8 - 503
George Fleming27 9 - 14316
Andy Gray19 1029547
Graeme Payne19 61533
Doug Smith (sub)38 4 - 62027

League Table (as at September 23rd, 1975)

No league table has been added for this season.