Dundee Utd 2
Rangers 0
League (Division One)

Dundee Utd
2 - 0

League (Division One)
Saturday, December 25th, 1926
Tannadice Park. Att. 15,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Jock McDonald (45)
Eddie Carroll (54)

Team Managers
Jimmy Brownlie
Bill Struth

Starting Eleven
Bill Paterson
Jock Kay
Mickey McGregor
Andy Miller
Dave Walker
Willie Welsh
Bobby Bauld
Eddie Carroll
Johnny Hart
Jimmy Simpson
Jock McDonald
Tom Hamilton
Dougie Gray
Billy McCandless
Davie Meiklejohn
Hugh Shaw
Thomas Craig
Sandy Archibald
Andy Cunningham
Geordie Henderson
Tommy Muirhead
Alan Morton

Match Officials

T Dougray (Bellshill) (Referee)

Match Report

Just by way of proving that their recent revival is no evanescent thing, Dundee United celebrated Christmas by registering a spanking victory over Rangers at Tannadice Park.

United's lead of two goals in no way exaggerated their superiority. They rose to the occasion to a man, and from first to last their display contrasted most favourably with that of the Ibrox lot, who seemed quite incapable of hitting up a game that would put them on the road to success.

The Tannadice brigade dominated the play for quite three-fourths of the game, and, in addition, were much more dangerous in the goal area than were the Light Blues. A sterling Tannadice defence kept Cunningham and Co well in check. Hamilton was often in deep water, and, but for his splendid display between the sticks, it is a certainty that the Ibrox goal average would have been still further damaged.

United never looked back after they got the first point through the medium of Jock McDonald’s head on to a lob from Hart, and the ball rebounded from the bar. McDonald came rushing in on the lookout for a chance, and arrived just in time to meet the rebound and leave the heroic Hamilton helpless.

United supporters had not long to wait for something more to enthuse over. Barely ten minutes of the second half had gone when Welsh placed a rare pass up the middle - just the kind that centre forwards dream about. Carroll was after it like a hare, and before the Rangers backs had time to close in, Hamilton was beaten by a splendid drive which crashed high into the net.

In the second half, Rangers came a bit more into the picture, but there was a big want of snap about their finishing. Had the final thurst been there, things might have been different, for the Light Blues were pressing - and pressing hard - round about the time that has now come to regarded as the critical juncture of Tannadice matches.

Simpson was again the mainstay of the United defensive lines. He was at his best when a Rangers were in the brightest mood, although that was none too bright. With head and feet he kept the Ibrox hosts consistent at bay, and had the dashing Henderson - not just so dashing as of old - completely in subjection. Simpson was one little weakness which might well prove fatal, and that is a proneness to head the back when it is a shade too high. The result is that it goes behind him, and might quite easily be snapped up and turned to account. Johnny Hart gave a most refreshing display and was a hero both in attack and defence, while Bauld also put in much splendid work.

In the rear lines, Kay and Walker were in the acme of steadiness. In goal, Paterson did the comparatively little he had to do well, and was daring when such a quality was called for. The forwards for the greater part of the game were a happy company. Carroll led them with a dash and vigour which was an example to the others and he required a lot of watching, while McGregor and McDonald were incisive wingers. Miller was artistic and clever, if at times a little on the slow side, and Welsh was a purveyor of the highest class, although at times just a little erratic.

Rangers’ outstanding personalities were undoubtedly Hamilton and Shaw. The backs were no more fair, with Grey the better, while Craig reached a high standard. Meiklejohn was rather disappointing, being beaten very simply several times. Cunningham strove hard to rally his men, but they seemed to refuse to be rallied. Morton was prominent early on, but his characteristic touchline dashes were few and far between, and Archibald was very disappointing. Muirhead was an indifferent substitute to the scheming Cairns.

Match report written by The Dundee Courier

Squad Statistics (as at December 25th, 1926)

1926-27 All Time
Bill Paterson (GK)25 20 - 60 -
Jock Kay27 20 - 1351
Dave Walker - 16 - 543
Andy Miller - 8181
Mickey McGregor - 173183
Bobby Bauld24 20612627
Willie Welsh - 2034310
Jock McDonald - 203597
Eddie Carroll25 128128
Jimmy Simpson18 163405
Johnny Hart - 10 - 10 -

League Table (as at December 25th, 1926)

No league table has been added for this season.