John Bishop Player Profile

Player Details

  • Full Name: John Bishop
  • Born: August 31st, 1969 (Bellshill)
  • Position: Striker
  • Signed: October 1st, 1985
  • First Manager: Jim McLean

Playing History

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John signed at the age of sixteen from Hamilton Thistle as a striker. Despite playing in friendlies, he never broke into the first team and was eventually released in October 1988, going on to play for Albion Rovers.


  • Date of Birth

    John was born on this date in Bellshill.

  • Signed For Dundee United

  • First Non-Competitive Appearance (Friendly)

    St Andrews Utd 0 - 2 Dundee United

    Played in quite atrocious conditions this summers evening was more reminiscent of a grey, damp November afternoon. The match was brightened up by a quite superb goal by Paddy Connolly. He picked up a